The Lady on the Train

    “The Lady on the Train,” Ensign, Jan. 1985, 67

    The Lady on the Train

    In 1964, while serving as a missionary in the Northern Far East Mission, I had an experience that still evokes strong emotions.

    On our preparation day we often visited historical or cultural sites. One day, on the train home from such an activity, I saw a lady sitting across from me and a little to the left. I had the distinct impression I should get up and give her a tract that told a little about the Church and had a map and meeting schedule. I was sleepy, and I excused the impression thinking I’d give her one when we got off. Soon, however, she got off the train and my opportunity was lost. I felt a pang of regret but dismissed it.

    That night I had a dream. I dreamed she came to me with a very sad countenance and asked, “Why didn’t you share the gospel with me today?” I awoke with a start, grieving that perhaps she would miss gospel blessings because of my failure. Her earnestness, her downcast expression, caused me to pray then and since that someone would share the precious message with her.

    I hope I will never have to answer her question, for I indeed have no excuse. I’ll always feel a sense of regret as I think of that dream, and I pray that neither I nor anyone else will ever again pass by those people the Lord may have placed in our paths. Louise Stone Wrathall, Tucson, Arizona

    Illustrated by Stefanie Eskander