Policies and Announcements
December 1984

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Dec. 1984, 70

Policies and Announcements

The First Presidency has sent the following letter to stake, ward, mission, district, and branch leaders.

We continue to receive numerous telephone calls and letters at the general headquarters of the Church about intimate personal matters involving church members. This has caused us to ask again that you advise the members of your respective units that they should contact their local leaders about these matters. These local leaders are, by reason of their ordination and setting apart, entitled to a heavenly endowment of the discernment and inspiration necessary to enable them to give the advice that one in trouble needs. If a bishop or branch president needs assistance, he may go to the stake or mission president, who may, in turn, seek counsel from his regional representative or Area President.

We, therefore, urge all members who have problems or questions that trouble them to consult their bishops or branch presidents freely and fully and receive from them the assistance they need.

It is also noted that occasionally members of the Church make specific requests of the Church President, his counselors, or other General Authorities. These requests include personal letters of commendation for some specific achievement (Eagle Scout, graduations, etc.), favorite recipes, autographs for scriptures, cancelled postage stamps from foreign countries, and manuscripts sent to a General Authority for his endorsement or review. Sometimes seminary and auxiliary teachers encourage students to write to General Authorities with questions or requests. Such requests place an undue burden on the brethren and should not be made.