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“Contents,” Ensign, Nov. 1984, 3


November 1984

Volume 14 Number 11

On the cover: Temple Square. Photography by John Snyder.

Inside front cover: The Assembly Hall. Photography by John Snyder.

The evening sky provides a backdrop for the beautifully lit spires of the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.

Inside back cover: Temple Square scenes. Photography by John Snyder.

(Top) A Southeast view from the square shows the Salt Lake Temple and Church Office Building; (bottom left) the Salt Lake Temple, annex, and Church Office Building, looking east from the square; (bottom right) the Seagull Monument and spires of the Assembly Hall.

Photography in this issue features scenes of conference. Photography is by Audiovisual Planning and Development, Photo Section: Eldon K. Linschoten, chief photographer; Michael M. McConkie; and Marty Mayo.