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“Contents,” Ensign, Aug. 1984, 1


August 1984

Volume 14 Number 8

On the cover: Illustration by Larry Winborg.

Inside front cover: “City of Zion Being Taken to Heaven,” by Del Parson, 30″ x 24″w, oil on canvas, 1982.

Inside back cover: Scenes from “A Boy and the Power of God,” a film recently released by the Primary. Eleven-year-old Jason is troubled that his friend Carl, who is a deacon, is not living righteously. Jason’s father explains the blessings that come from holding the priesthood and helps Jason understand that one must be worthy to use this gift from God. Jason wants to share this knowledge with his friend. When Carl is injured while hiking, Jason asks his father to give Carl a blessing. Seeing the priesthood in action helps Carl understand its power, and gives him the desire to live worthily so that he too can use the priesthood in his life.

The film and its accompanying discussion guide are designed to aid in preparing ten- and eleven-year-old boys to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.