Our Ward Project of GRIN: Gospel Reading Is Necessary
June 1984

“Our Ward Project of GRIN: Gospel Reading Is Necessary,” Ensign, June 1984, 77

Our Ward Project of GRIN: Gospel Reading Is Necessary

At the foot of the stairs in the basement of our little rented chapel, a bright orange poster hangs on the wall. In the center of the poster is a big “smiley face,” and down the left-hand side are signatures of branch members. This is our branch’s GRIN chart. GRIN is an acronym for Gospel Reading Is Necessary.

The goal of GRIN is to have members read scripture for 200 consecutive days. The book of scripture read is entirely up to the individual. If a day is missed, one can make it up or simply start counting again.

For some people, such as my husband, reading the scriptures is a favorite activity. He reads, studies, and remembers. Then there are those more like myself who often find scripture study difficult and time-consuming. GRIN is helping us make the time and expend the effort to read each day and it is getting more branch members involved in reading the scriptures.

Friends will phone one another and ask, “Have you read your chapters today?” Husband and wife teams will read together, taking turns reading to each other on alternate days. One mother signed her name and the names of her children; she reads aloud to them, and they all benefit. Many study independently, sometimes using study guides prepared by the Church.

Members have commented that GRIN provides the extra motivation to read and the challenge to keep reading. It teaches discipline and helps us remain on a schedule. Unlike the over-zealous reading programs where we might read more than we can understand and then fizzle out, GRIN has us reading in smaller doses and therefore comprehending more. One sister noted that she is more patient with her small children as a result of daily scripture study. Another member made a personal commitment to read, and sought a blessing to aid him in his efforts to maintain the daily reading program. Most members have stated how satisfied they feel doing exactly what they have known all along they should be doing. The program is working; the scriptures are becoming a part of our lives on a daily basis, and we are following the counsel of our Prophet.

As we read, our testimonies grow and our knowledge of spiritual and temporal matters increases. We draw nearer to God and feel the influence of the Holy Ghost more actively in our lives. The scriptures are indeed a blessing.

  • Kristen B. Center, mother of four, is Relief Society homemaking leader and Primary chorister in her New Philadelphia, Ohio, ward.