Keeping Pace
May 1984

“Keeping Pace,” Ensign, May 1984, 110

Keeping Pace

A new Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook (PBCT0044) is now available in Church distribution centers and has been mailed to stakes in the Church for distribution.

The handbook is intended for quorum leaders and other priesthood officers. It outlines principles, policies, and procedures to be used in the work of the Melchizedek Priesthood quorums of the Church. The handbook is introduced as “a guide for priesthood leaders, who must rely on inspiration from the Lord to help them in their work.”

Following a brief overview of the Melchizedek Priesthood—its importance and its offices and quorums—the handbook outlines stake and ward organization, lists responsibilities of quorum leaders, and offers direction on quorum administration.

Other topics covered in the manual include home teaching, prospective elders, activation, missionary work, genealogy and temple work, welfare services, single adult activities, training, and quorum funds, records, and reports. A short section near the end offers guidelines on ordinations and performing ordinances.

A new Young Women Handbook (PEYW4078) is now available and can be ordered from Church distribution centers.

The handbook is primarily for the use of stake and ward Young Women presidencies. It includes information on leadership structure, from the Young Women general presidency through stake, ward, and class presidencies. It also includes principles upon which that leadership should operate—love, example, service, decision-making, delegation, and skills.

To help leaders involve inactive young women, the handbook contains suggestions such as planning activities which in some way use the young woman’s interests, and encouraging other class members to be her friend.

The activities section includes guidelines for stake, ward, and combined Young Men and Young Women activities. It also gives ideas for special events such as the New Beginnings program, Sharing night, and standards nights, as well as suggestions for service, the Campcrafter certification program, sports, and physical fitness activities.

Remembering that “the heart of the Young Women program is the girl,” the handbook gives instruction for implementing the Personal Progress program, including its objectives and the process of setting and evaluating goals.