Making One Plus One Equal at Least Three
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“Making One Plus One Equal at Least Three,” Ensign, Apr. 1984, 69

Making One Plus One Equal at Least Three

Yesterday morning, when I looked at the list of things that needed to be done that day, I almost went back to bed. It would either take three days or a miracle to get through the whole list. Well, the miracle came in the form of a forgotten little principle—accomplishing more than one objective with an activity. With a little thought, I discovered I could put one and one together and come up with more than two.

Some of my objectives were: 1) to spend some time with the children, 2) to get in some vigorous exercise, and 3) to bathe all the children before bed.

We went swimming together and showered off at the pool, accomplishing all three in one activity.

I also needed to prepare dinner and to welcome our new neighbors. So I cooked enough for an army, took one dinner over to the neighbors, fed my family one, and froze one for our own use at a later time.

When I picked up my counselors for a meeting last night, I handed each an agenda for a discussion en route. We took care of some Relief Society business as we traveled.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished with a little coordination of objectives! Rebecca Merrill, Lehi, Utah