Tabernacle Choir Performs at the Grand Teton Music Festival
November 1983

“Tabernacle Choir Performs at the Grand Teton Music Festival,” Ensign, Nov. 1983, 96

Tabernacle Choir Performs at the Grand Teton Music Festival

“They sang as with one heart and one voice,” Maestro Ling Tung, Grand Teton Music Festival director, said of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s performance. “They achieved the kind of excellence we are seeking—the kind of excellence musicians are always seeking.”

It was the choir’s second performance at the festival in the past four years, and the more-than-capacity crowds who filled the 800-seat Festival Music Hall echoed the maestro’s appraisal. The audience burst into applause with shouts of “Bravo!” at the end of both choir performances of Verdi’s “Requiem.”

Three years ago the choir performed Brahms’s “Requiem” at the late summer music festival in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This year’s performances featured soloists JoAnn Ottley, Alyce Rogers, Waldie Anderson, and Neil Wilson.

“We consider it an honor to be invited,” said Oakley S. Evans, Tabernacle Choir president. “It means that a highly respected festival acknowledges the choir’s ability to perform demanding, technical music.” He added that the festival gave the choir “an opportunity to do some special music, and to perform with the magnificent orchestra that is assembled here each summer.”

The choir repeated its performance of the Verdi “Requiem” at a concert with the Utah Symphony in Salt Lake City in September.