Teach Me to Love Botany
July 1983

“Teach Me to Love Botany,” Ensign, July 1983, 7

Teach Me to Love Botany

Teach me that in mitosis there are two

replications of chromosomes and in

meiosis only one.

Teach me that there is secondary growth

in dicotyledons but not in monocotyledons

because monocotyledons do

not have cambia.

Teach me that I can get a grade symbolizing

a knowledge of botany if I study two

hours out of class for every hour in.

Teach me that if I endure the semester,

I can graduate and never have to know

about botany.

Teach me to marvel at the intricate

difference between meiosis and mitosis.

Teach me to wonder in awe how a majestic

tree developed from a tiny seed

containing two cotyledons.

Teach me to know in humility that all of

the textbooks of men cannot reveal

the secrets contained in a tiny

blade of grass.

Teach me to love botany, and a lifetime’s

search for knowledge will not be able

to quench the thirst you created.