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“Contents,” Ensign, Nov. 1981, 3


November 1981

Volume 11 Number 11

On the cover: Wasatch Mountains. Oil on canvas, 24″ by 30″, by Florence Ware; located in the Church Administration Building.

Inside front cover: The First Presidency. Seated left to right in the First Presidency Board Room, Church Administration Building: President N. Eldon Tanner, first counselor, President Spencer W. Kimball, President Marion G. Romney, second counselor, President Gordon B. Hinckley, counselor. (Photography by Eldon K. Linschoten.)

Inside back cover: Hill Cumorah. Oil on canvas, 35″ by 74″, by Alfred Lambourne. 1893; located in the foyer of the Salt Lake Temple. This painting depicts the site where Joseph Smith, Jr., obtained the Nephite records from the angel Moroni, which led to the publication of the Book of Mormon.

Photography in this issue. Photography is by Public Communications Photo Services: Eldon K. Linschoten, chief photographer; Jed A. Clark; and Jon T. Lockwood. Photographs in this issue feature a wide range of genealogical activities, as well as scenes of conference.