My Unknown Son

    “My Unknown Son,” Ensign, July 1981, 49

    My Unknown Son

    Our first-born son was blessed with an outgoing personality and determined leadership ability; he practiced both on his parents frequently. Sometimes it all seemed more than a young mother could handle, and I questioned and doubted my ability to handle the situation. I sought daily counsel from God, praying that we could raise our son in righteousness.

    One windy summer day, feeling especially discouraged, I was sitting on our front porch when I saw a young boy running in the distance. The wind tousled his hair as he ran, and he had the confidence of all the world in the set of his shoulders.

    I thought, if only I could raise a boy like that and have him feel about himself as this young boy did! Then the boy drew closer, and my yearning changed to joy and satisfaction as he breathlessly called, “Hi, mom!”—Patricia L. Graham, Syracuse, Utah