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“Contents,” Ensign, May 1981, 3


May 1981

Volume 11 Number 5

On the cover: Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, 1840. Oil on canvas, 7′ by 10 1/2′ by Theodore S. Gorka, 1980; now hanging in east lobby of Church Office Building, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inside front cover: Pine Valley Ward House. Gouache and pastel on paper, 11″ by 14 1/2″, by Randall Lake; now in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Reed Gardner, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inside back cover: Temple Square, circa 1880s. Color lithograph, 10 1/2″ by 25 1/2″, artist unknown; courtesy Church Historical Department.

Photography in this issue: Photography is by Public Communications Photo Services: Eldon K. Linschoten, chief photographer; Jed A. Clark; Marilyn E. Péo; and Jon T. Lockwood. Photographs in this issue feature missionary work, as well as scenes of conference.