Chapter upon Chapter

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“Chapter upon Chapter,” Ensign, Jan. 1981, 55

Chapter upon Chapter

When I first decided to study the scriptures, I determined to go slowly and prayerfully so I could understand each verse and chapter as I went along. That may be a good system—only it didn’t work for me. No matter how much I prayed, I could not understand everything I was reading. I became discouraged and quit reading.

Then one day, embarrassed at not being able to say yes when asked if I had read the Book of Mormon, I decided I’d read it all the way through regardless of whether or not I understood everything.

It was wonderful! I read chapter upon chapter. My conscience did not bother me at all when I kept going, ignoring what I didn’t understand and enjoying what I did. Now I had an overview. I knew something about where important ideas and events could be found, and if I had a lesson to prepare I knew a few places to look for scriptures. It’s hard to explain the comfort and sense of “at-homeness” with the scriptures that came as I read them straight through.

Now, whether I’m studying a specific subject in several books or taking a class on another, I’m always reading one book of scripture chapter upon chapter. Dottie M. Packer, Provo, Utah