December 1980

“Mirthright,” Ensign, Dec. 1980, 27


When my dad, the original absent-minded driver, pulled ahead of our car on the way to a family outing, his turn-signal light kept blinking. Then it switched sides and blinked some more. Then it blinked again to the first side. Forty miles later, it was still blinking, first on one side, then on the other. Embarrassed, I slid down in my seat hoping that none of the other travelers on the road would know I was related to that crazy driver.

As soon as we arrived, I bounded out of the car. “Dad, your blinker was on all the way down the freeway!”

“Yes, I know,” he replied innocently. “I was trying to tell you your blinker was on.”

Mary Lou Allen
Victor, Idaho

Our institute teacher was explaining spirit bodies to one sister, “If your spirit were sitting on the chair next to you, it would look exactly like you do.”

“No, no, no!” protested a portly sister in the front row. “My spirit body is a size 10!”

R. Keith Lawler
Euclid, Ohio

The influence of church attendance on my four-year-old became apparent when he greeted me with, “Hello, Brother Mommy.”

Carolyn Campbell
Sandy, Utah

Jenna, age 4 1/2, and Amanda, 2 1/2, told me what kind of a pre-Christmas schedule I’d had when, “playing house” one day, they came running through the living room yelling, “Hurry, hurry, we’ve got to clean the house! The visiting teachers are coming!”

Jennifer Hepworth
Livermore, California

When one of our ward members visited a member of the bishopric’s home recently, he saw “D&C” written on the menu chart posted on the refrigerator. He commented, “Oh, I see that you assign someone to read during meals.”

The father grinned and answered, “Not really. D&C means ‘dishes and cleanup.’”

Rick Olson
Wichita, Kansas

The “You Gottawanna Club” is BYU Third Stake Relief Society’s program to help sisters lose weight, and our stake Relief Society president urged ward leaders to support it in these terms: “Because the sisters who have participated are glad they did. They really gained a lot from it.”

Pam Braithwaite
Janet Chandler
Provo, Utah

When one of our elders broke his nose, I sent him to the hospital with his companion. The admitting officer, learning that the injured elder was from out of state, asked for the name of his closest friend. She was somewhat shaken when he said, “Sure. This is my best friend right here. Hey, Elder. What’s your first name?”

President Lewis Livingston
California Anaheim Mission

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney