D&C 25: They’re My Priorities, Too
June 1980

“D&C 25: They’re My Priorities, Too,” Ensign, June 1980, 50

D&C 25: They’re My Priorities, Too

One of my most difficult struggles as a wife and mother is finding time for all my commitments. But a class I attended recently has helped. The instructor used section 25 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the revelation given to Emma Smith, to explain a woman’s priorities. Our first responsibility, found in verse two, is to our Heavenly Father as his daughter: We should develop those talents and inclinations that will aid us in our goal of exaltation—we should be “faithful and walk in the paths of virtue before [him].” A woman’s second priority is to her husband, as a wife. Verse five counsels Emma to be “a comfort unto my servant, … thy husband.” A woman’s third priority is her children, as a mother, in the fulfillment of her family duties (see also verse five). The fourth priority is to one’s church calling. In verse seven the Lord told Emma that she would “be ordained under his hand.”

This explanation of priorities has helped me keep the right emphasis in the right place. Nancy R. Gunn, Salt Lake City, Utah