Midget Trampoline
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“Midget Trampoline,” Ensign, Feb. 1980, 65

Midget Trampoline

Youngsters can have fun on their own little trampoline. Materials needed are two pieces of canvas, 31 by 31 inches; 60 inches of seat belting (from auto wreckers) or strips of canvas; and a 14-or 15-inch inner tube.

To insure accuracy, first cut a paper pattern to form an octagon, as follows (see Fig. 1):

  1. Fold a 31-inch square of paper in half, forming a rectangle.

  2. Fold in half again, forming a square.

  3. Fold into a triangle, by bringing the two folded edges together.

  4. Fold again, diagonally, bringing the shorter folded edge down to the larger folded edge. This leaves a smaller triangular section at the top to be cut off and discarded. The unfolded pattern will be an octagon.

Using this paper pattern, cut two octagonal pieces from the canvas and hem all edges. Cut a round hole, 2 1/2 inches in diameter, in one of the pieces, positioning the hole so that the tube can later be inflated through it. Hem around the edges of the hole (see Fig. 2).

Cut the seat belting into eight 7 1/2-inch strips and sew them to the top and bottom canvas pieces at the eight corners (see Fig. 3). Place uninflated tire tube between the two pieces of canvas. Inflate the tube large enough to stretch the canvas tight.

Caution: follow directions carefully so that trampoline will function as intended, without causing injury. This, as other active sports, should be adequately supervised.

This trampoline is featured in the new Relief Society Homemaking Booklet, Part II, p. 149.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney