More Aids for Families and Teachers
July 1979

“More Aids for Families and Teachers,” Ensign, July 1979, 74

More Aids for Families and Teachers

My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth

Students of Church history will have a new study aid available as they continue the review of the Doctrine and Covenants and its background begun last year.

The 1979–80 Gospel Doctrine course will finish the study of the Doctrine and Covenants begun in 1978 and then proceed on to a review of Church history from the 1840s to the present. To facilitate this study, a new manual, My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth: Readings in Church History (PCSS56G9; $1.30), has been published as a student supplement for the course.

Individual chapters highlight lives of each of the Presidents of the Church, selecting material from their sermons, letters, and diaries to draw a more complete picture of the continuing revelation that has guided the Church from the Prophet Joseph Smith’s day to ours. In addition, chapters on succession in the presidency, the pioneer journey to the West, the era of persecution prior to the “manifesto,” the welfare plan, and modern Church growth draw upon the lives of many other faithful Saints who have contributed to the progress of the Church in this dispensation.

The manual is richly illustrated with pictures from each period—some never before published—and several helpful maps and charts. Each chapter contains the highlights of a period, a summary of its events, and a list of study questions.

My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth will be a valuable reference tool for Church members. It can be used with or without the Gospel Doctrine course of study. Individuals should order copies through ward leaders.

New Gospel Essentials Manual

A new twelve-week Sunday School course for investigators and all new members is available through Church distribution centers (stock no. PCMP36C7; 75¢ each). The lessons, dealing with basic Church doctrines, are structured so that an individual may begin the class at any time, regardless of which lesson is being taught, and then finish the course twelve weeks later. At that time, he should be prepared to begin attending the Gospel Doctrine class.

The student manual for the course, along with the standard works, is the Gospel Principles manual. (PBIC0245; $1.75 each; see Ensign, Dec. 1978, pp. 48–49.) Since reading from Gospel Principles is encouraged after every lesson, each class member should have access to a copy.

The new Gospel Essentials manual, for the teacher of the class, replaces the old manual of the same name and any other similar course developed locally by ward or stake members. Sunday School teachers are requested to use these official materials published by the Curriculum Department.

“The First Vision”

A new filmstrip version of the motion picture, The First Vision, shows the struggles young Joseph Smith had in his search for truth and depicts his experience in the sacred grove. Designed primarily for use in missionary work, it is also appropriate for a wide variety of teaching situations. The filmstrip (VVOF2853) will soon be available at Church distribution centers for $3.50.

A Song of the Heart

The Young Women organization has recently published a collection of thirty-six “songs of faith and of joy, of service and love of the Lord.” A Song of the Heart is an attractive, 118-page, spiral-bound compilation of music written to help Latter-day Saints “express through song the joy that comes as they live the commandments of the Lord.” Some of the songs have previously been published separately in Beehive, Mia Maid, and Laurel course A and B manuals.

Although published for the Young Women, the songs are also appropriate for family gatherings and special programs. Copies are available through Church distribution centers (PMYW005A; $1.60 each).