The Family That Writes Together
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“The Family That Writes Together,” Ensign, Apr. 1979, 67

The Family That Writes Together

Someone suggested a family “journalist of the week,” and the idea has caught on in our family. Each week one family member takes his turn keeping the family diary; at family home evening he reads his entry, and the rest of us help him add important items that have been left out. He then signs his name.

Some members of our family do not keep personal journals, and this gives them a chance to record their own versions of our family history and to learn the value of record keeping at the same time. We hope this will be a training ground for younger family members to develop journal-keeping skills.

With its samples of the individual handwriting and viewpoint of each family member, our journal is most interesting. It has already become a family treasure. Wanda West Badger, Salt Lake City, Utah