Do-It-Yourself Coupons

    “Do-It-Yourself Coupons,” Ensign, Dec. 1978, 40

    Do-It-Yourself Coupons

    Santa’s Supermarket

    “This coupon entitles Mary and Kim to a special treat at Santa’s Supermarket.”

    “This coupon and a hug for Grandma entitle Amy to something fun-fun-fun at Santa’s Supermarket.”

    My husband and I printed instructions and cut out coupons, preparing for a special Christmas party at our house. This was our first Christmas without at least one of our six children at home, and we were planning something different for the nine grandchildren who would come over to see us. We wanted to share in the fun of the “Santa Claus scene” on Christmas morning.

    We framed the doorway between the living room and hallway with Christmas greenery and set a card table there for a counter. Above it, a large sign advertised “Santa’s Supermarket.” We assembled the gifts for each family group in a spare room, and on Christmas Grandpa became chief clerk. Because they weren’t going under the tree, the gifts didn’t have to be wrapped. But one small gift, wrapped in gold paper, was placed under the tree for each family; it contained an inexpensive wallet with a fistful of Santa’s coupons.

    Excitement and curiosity ran high as each person came to redeem his coupons with gifts. We tried to make our gifts practical: clothing, a toy, and a little money as separate gifts for each grandchild; a Church book for each adult, food storage supplies and some extravagance for each family (like ten pounds of sugar!), and other gifts of individual value.

    The party was a great success, with a surprise bonus for me: my husband had put one coupon for me in each of the wallets! And we chalked up another special Christmas with our family. Sidney Wallace, Ogden, Utah