Missionary Training Changes
November 1978

“Missionary Training Changes,” Ensign, Nov. 1978, 111

Missionary Training Changes

The Language Training Mission has a new name and a new assignment.

The Church’s missionary training facility in Provo, Utah, will continue to train missionaries assigned to non-English-speaking countries. But since October 26 it is also being used to train missionaries assigned to English-speaking countries.

To reflect the changes, the name of the complex has been changed to Missionary Training Center.

The Salt Lake Missionary Home, used since 1971 for orientation of missionaries assigned to English-speaking countries, will no longer be used.

Missionaries assigned to non-English-speaking countries have an eight-week training period at the Provo facility. Missionaries assigned to English-speaking countries, who formerly spent five days at the Salt Lake Missionary Home, now will stay four weeks at the Missionary Training Center. The longer period will provide more extensive orientation and preparation. The Salt Lake facility is not large enough to accommodate missionaries for the extended time, Church officials say.

J. Martell Bird, president of the Salt Lake Missionary Home, is being honorably released, as are his counselors, Clifton I. Johnson and Spencer H. Osborne. President Max L. Pinegar continues to preside at the Provo facility. His counselors are Paul E. Felt and Gary L. Bunker.