Simple Sunday Supper

“Simple Sunday Supper,” Ensign, Feb. 1978, 64

Simple Sunday Supper

You can make a tasty meal out of the cheapest cut of meat and let it be cooking while you’re at church too! Buy the least expensive cut you can find on sale, such as chuck steak. Bone it and cut the meat in thin slices. (Put the bone in the freezer to go into a soup stock another time.) Dust the slices of meat with flour, salt and pepper, and brown in hot fat in a large skillet. The browned meat goes in a heavy dutch oven. When all the meat is browned, make gravy in the skillet and pour it on the meat. You can add chopped onions, bell peppers, or mushroom pieces if you like. This can all be done on Saturday.

Sunday morning put the heavy pan in the oven, and—here’s the most important part—set the temperature at 200° F. Six and a half hours later, the meat is fork tender without the use of artificial tenderizers or laborious pounding. Any leftover gravy makes a terrific base for stew another day. Carolyn E. Wright, Oregon City, Oregon

Illustrated by Mary W. Garlock