Family Home Evening Nursery

“Family Home Evening Nursery,” Ensign, Apr. 1977, 70

Family Home Evening Nursery

Have you ever thought of having a family-home-evening nursery? This is what we do when our married children and their families meet with us once a month for family home evening. While the lesson is being given, the one- and two-year-olds go into the nursery with an assigned adult (the mothers take turns) and have their own special stories and surprises. All of the children are welcome in the nursery, but the small babies usually don’t distract from the adults’ lesson, and the children three years and older are old enough to understand that if they stay out with the grownups they must sit quietly. This really helps with a large family (we have nine children). I’m sure that as more of our children marry and have families, it will be almost a necessity to carry on this tradition! Wanda West Badger, Salt Lake City, Utah