“Summertime,” Ensign, Mar. 1977, 71


    Third Place Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest

    In our book there’s a space for a summer poem:

    With what luscious things shall we fill it?

    With water for splashers

    And ice cream on dashers

    And root beer so high that you’ll spill it!

    I’m glad there’s a space for a summer poem,

    Though I’m sure that we’ll soon run it over

    With bikes right for racing

    And frisbees for chasing

    And picnics spread out in the clover.

    Now pile the space higher,

    Add a tent, add a fire—

    And drowsy-eyed papas and mamas,

    Who chauffeur their crew

    To a drive-in or two

    Before we need winter pajamas.