Soap Savers II
March 1976

“Soap Savers II,” Ensign, Mar. 1976, 61

Soap Savers II

A method for melting down soap scraps was presented in the Random Sampler of March 1975, and since that time many readers have sent in alternative methods. These are a few of them:

I tried melting down small pieces of soap but wasn’t too happy with the results and the time consumed. So I took a piece of nylon netting large enough to fold into a bag four by five inches, sewed up two sides, and filled the bag with soap scraps. After stuffing it full of soap, I sewed up the end and had the best little hand scrubber ever. I keep one on the sink, in the bathroom, and wherever else one is needed. When the soap is gone, open the end and stuff it full again. The bag will last and last. Henrietta Janson, Phoenix, Arizona

I have a quicker and easier way to use soap scraps. Put them into the end of an old nylon stocking and tie a knot. I used a knee-high stocking and didn’t cut it at all. It makes an excellent device for scrubbing dirty elbows and knees. Linda French, Roberts, Idaho

In answer to your piece on “Soap Saver” in the March 1975 issue, I think you are wasting time and energy by melting down the scraps. Just press the soap slivers into a new bar when both are wet. Let them dry and they become one bar. Chris Pedersen, Oxnard, California