Publication error in conference issue corrected
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“Publication error in conference issue corrected,” Ensign, Dec. 1975, 77

Publication error in conference issue corrected

Due to an error in arranging the type on page 73 of the November 1975 Ensign, President Marion G. Romney’s priesthood address was incorrectly printed in 144,000 copies of the magazine.

The problem occurs in the first column following the words (line 21) “gave when he said.” The next part of the talk should begin, “Behold, here are the waters of Mormon” (which appears in the second column, line 10, of some copies) and should continue through the words “are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies” (which appear in the third column, lines 17–18, in some copies). The talk should then continue in the printed sequence, with the section beginning “They become the sons of Moses” (which appears in the first column, line 22, in some copies) following “renewing of their bodies.”

Most copies—271,000—of the November issue do not contain this error. The Ensign staff is very sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this mistake may have caused our readers.