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“Mirthright,” Ensign, June 1975, 55


My two daughters and I had been faithfully dieting for four weeks to attain a much-wanted weight loss. Finally, our goals were in sight. Then one evening the reverence of the blessing on the food was shattered when our 13-year-old son, in order to vary the vocabulary a little, said, “Please bless this food, and we hope that we will all gain from it.”

Mary T. Hardy
Orem, Utah

Our family home evening is the one place you can sing off key and still blend in with everyone else.

Deanna Floyd
Walla Walla, Washington

Three-year-old Neal was learning a song for Sunday School. One phrase was “to feel a love, and joy, and peace.” After we had practiced quite awhile, he seriously remarked, “I like peace, Mommy, don’t you?” Surprised at his maturity, I readily agreed that I, too, liked peace. He paused a minute and then added thoughtfully, “But I like corn best.”

Mrs. W. G. Tolley
Salt Lake City, Utah

The members had often complained to the branch president how uncomfortable the benches in the chapel were and had asked if something could be done about the problem. But the complaints stopped after the branch president, as final speaker at the end of a long sacrament meeting, started his talk with these words: “My goodness, our benches have suddenly become very comfortable; I see that some of you can even fall asleep on them!”

Elder Derek G. Hoare
Switzerland Geneva Mission

My little seven-year-old niece was showing her younger brother, age four, a picture of Mary and the Baby Jesus. The little boy looked and looked at the picture, then asked, “Where is Joseph?” His sister pondered for a few minutes and then said, “Oh, he’s taking the picture!”

Andrew Burstein
Alexandria, Virginia

A long-time friend was visiting from another state. Because he is a bishop, we asked “How are things in your ward?”

“I have a 100 percent active ward,” he responded, to our pleased astonishment. “Yes,” he went on, “many members of my ward are active fishermen, active boaters, active surfers, active … etc.”

Val C. Wilcox
Provo, Utah

In a recent stake scheduling meeting for the Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women, our youth were gathered together to discuss and clear dates for the coming year. One young man, representing the seminary, raised his hand and stated that he needed a date for a dance in April. From the other side of the table a sweet young voice said, “I’ll go with you!”

Nancy McLain
Las Vegas, Nevada

My son seems to be putting on a lot of weight as he grows older. Recently he brought his family up to visit me. As they were leaving I said to his 14-year-old son, “Scott, try and keep your dad on the straight and narrow for me, will you?” He winked and replied, “I’ll keep him straight, but I can’t keep him narrow.”

Lola H. Gibbons
Logan, Utah

Our pajama-clad granddaughter called to us from her bedroom: “I’m going to say my prayers now. Anyone need anything?”

Don Epperson
Austin, Texas

The Sunday before Christmas, my neighbor finally convinced her husband to wear his suit coat to Sunday School. As they entered the chapel, they encountered several men in shepherd costumes who were on the Christmas program. Seeing the men, he turned to his wife and said, “I can’t ever be in style. I start wearing a suit and now they’re all wearing robes.”

Carma Lee Leader
Magna, Utah