New Presidency Sustained for Primary
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“New Presidency Sustained for Primary,” Ensign, Nov. 1974, 124

New Presidency Sustained for Primary

Sister LaVern W. Parmley was honorably released after 23 years of diligent service as general president of the Primary Association at October Conference. Also released were her two counselors, Sister Naomi Ward Randall and Sister Florence R. Lane, and the existing general board.

Sister Naomi M. Shumway, who has served 11 years on the general board, was sustained as the sixth Primary general president, with Sister Sara B. Paulsen as first counselor and Sister Colleen B. Lemmon as second counselor.

Thirty-four members of the general board were released with thanks for their devoted service, and a board of 25 was sustained. Twenty-four sisters have had previous service on the general board. The new board consists of: Trilba J. Lindsay, Anna F. Bailey, Reta D. Baldwin, Beulah D. Burgoyne, Virginia B. Cannon, Carmen M. Dibble, Fulvia C. Dixon, LaNore D. Espenschied, Claudia F. Eliason, Thelma W. Fetzer, Camille S. Gambles, Ruth M. Gardner, Mary Jane E. Johnson, Marjorie C. Kjar, Jeanne J. Larson, Ruth H. Lundgren, Patricia C. Maughan, Phyllis B. McMullin, Blanche B. Miles, Dorthea C. Murdock, Della Mae I. Rasmussen, Kathleen E. Reese, Dorothy B. Taylor, Donna S. Waters, and Dawn J. Young.

The first general president of the Primary, Louie Bouton Felt, served for 45 years, 1880–1925. Next to her, Sister Parmley has the longest record of service, more than the intervening three presidents put together.

Mother of three, Sister Parmley was called to the Primary general board in 1941, became second counselor in 1942, and first counselor in 1943, a position she held for the next eight years until she was called as president.

She served for 20 years as editor of the Children’s Friend and as president of the Primary Children’s Hospital board of trustees. She was honored by Boy Scouts of America’s “Outstanding Citizen Award” and the Silver Fawn Award, one of the highest Scouting honors a woman can earn.

The new president, Sister Shumway, served for 11 years on the general board with the inservice teacher training committee, stake conference committee, and Blazer committee. She has also received the Silver Fawn Award and has served on Scouting committees in the Great Salt Lake Council. Her husband, Roden Grant Shumway, presently serves on the Bountiful Utah Heights Stake high council. They are the parents of three children.

President Naomi M. Shumway

President Naomi M. Shumway

Sara B. Paulsen, new first counselor, has worked especially with the Blazer committee in her five years with the general board and has served as mission supervisor of all auxiliaries while her husband, Finn B. Paulsen, presided over the Brazil South Mission, 1961–64. They are the parents of five children.

Sister Sara B. Paulsen

Sister Sara B. Paulsen, first counselor

Colleen B. Lemmon, new second counselor, has been chairman and co-chairman of the regional committee and has served on the Tabernacle presentation committee during her three years on the general board. Her husband, George Van Lemmon, is former president of both the Albuquerque New Mexico and Albuquerque New Mexico East stakes. In addition to extensive Church service as a teacher, stake board member, and counselor in the former YWMIA and Relief Society, she has been active for several years in the Parent-Teacher Association. She and her husband have four children.

Sister Colleen B. Lemmon

Sister Colleen B. Lemmon, second counselor