Bulletin Board
October 1974

“Bulletin Board,” Ensign, Oct. 1974, 95

Bulletin Board

Services of Church Agencies and Organizations

In October or November You Will Receive …

The Ensign: A Collector’s Item

The Ensign is a collector’s item. And now we are providing you something to collect them in.

Special binders designed to hold one year’s Ensigns are now available from the Church Magazine Office at $3 per binder.

An increasing number of readers are keeping their Ensigns as valuable resource materials for teaching and living the gospel. The annual index helps you quickly find what you need for the classroom, family home evening, for any gospel discussion. Now the binder helps you keep the magazines together so you can easily look where the index directs you.

An Ensign binder is not only valuable for your own home library, but a great idea for a practical and thoughtful gift.

Binders can be obtained from:

Church Magazines

50 East North Temple Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

The Personal Touch

Some magazines send letter after letter pleading for your renewal. Not Church magazines. We have the personal touch.

In order to renew your subscriptions to the Ensign, New Era, and Friend, ward magazine teams will knock at your door and ask you to join us for another year.

If this year’s magazines are a way to judge, next year’s magazines will be great! This year the Ensign helped celebrate the completion of the Washington Temple and paid tribute to President Harold B. Lee and President Spencer W. Kimball. It told the story of the Church in Scandinavia and offered complete coverage of general conference within days of its close.

The New Era, with stories like “Home Cooking” and special articles like the ones on the Jamboree, continued to serve the Aaronic Priesthood and the Young Women of the Church.

And the children of the Church still have a monthly Friend that brings stories and illustrations, teaching the gospel and inspiring by example.

When your ward magazine team knocks, welcome them with a handshake and a check. Let’s renew our friendship for another year.

Relief Society History (1842–1966) Available

On March 17, 1842, the Prophet Joseph Smith organized 18 sisters into the Relief Society of the Church.

On March 17, 1942, President Heber J. Grant sent his greetings by radio to the 115,000 members of the Relief Society.

In its first 132 years, the Relief Society has had a remarkable history of industry, devotion, and service.

Part of that story is told in the 144-page hard cover volume, History of Relief Society, 1842–1966. Through a text accompanied by hundreds of paintings and photographs, the story of Relief Society accomplishment is told.

The book is $2 per copy and is available from:

Church Distribution Center

1999 West 1700 South (P.O. Box 11627)

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111