What constitutes a ‘worthy’ Mormon?
August 1974

“What constitutes a ‘worthy’ Mormon?” Ensign, Aug. 1974, 86

While everyone is invited to visit your temples before they are dedicated, only worthy Mormons may go afterward. What constitutes a “worthy” Mormon?

Edgar Brossard, Former chairman, Federal Tariff Commission: Worthiness to enter the temple is determined at least once each year in an interview between a member of the Church and his bishop and a member of his stake presidency.

The purpose of the interview is to strengthen the member in his resolve to live the high standards the Lord requires of those who go to the temple.

These standards include moral cleanliness, payment of tithes, maintenance of strict standards of personal honesty and ethics, support of Church authorities, and obedience to the Word of Wisdom (the Church law of health).

Attendance at the temple is a great blessing for members of the Church and a matter of obedience and sacrifice. Such high standards give us goals to work toward.

Even Church members who live in an area where there is no temple, or who are physically unable to attend the temple, are likewise encouraged to live by the same high standards.