For Husbands and Helpmeets
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“For Husbands and Helpmeets,” Ensign, June 1973, 12

For Husbands and Helpmeets

Here are some little things to do to help make your marriage partner’s life a little brighter and his or her burden a little lighter

What A Wife Might Do

1. Love the Lord and let your husband know it.

2. Love your husband and let him know it.

3. Put your husband and his church calling first.

4. Listen to him attentively.

5. Trust him and support his decisions.

6. Praise him in public and in private.

7. Tell him that you appreciate the work he does.

8. Show gratitude in front of the children for his service to the Lord.

9. Allow him to keep confidences to himself.

10. Read and show appreciation for his blessings and ordinations.

11. Study the scriptures and share your knowledge and enthusiasm with him.

12. Fast and pray with him when he needs special help from the Lord.

13. Pray that he will be able to fulfill his church callings.

14. Bear testimony to him often.

15. Set aside a time with him for genealogical and temple work.

16. Attend church meetings and activities with him.

17. Find maps, charts, pictures, and articles that will help him fulfill his callings more easily.

18. Organize your collection of church materials in your home.

19. Read church and local news and keep him informed.

20. Make it easy for him to begin his day happily and joyfully.

21. Arrange your schedule so you can be with him when he needs you.

22. Help make him the leader and patriarch of your home.

23. Teach your children to respect their father.

24. Discipline the children yourself when they need it.

25. Spend more time praising the children than criticizing them.

26. Make sure your family is ready on time for church meetings.

27. Make sure the family is together for family prayer.

28. Keep your home neat and orderly.

29. Make sure your home runs smoothly in your husband’s absence.

30. Prepare good meals for him, especially when he is late for dinner.

31. Speak with a cheerful voice and present a cheerful countenance.

32. Take telephone messages for him carefully and see that he gets them.

33. Free the telephone when he needs it.

34. Keep yourself neat and attractive.

35. Always speak positively about the people your husband works with, especially in the Church.

36. Support the general and local authorities of the Church.

37. Set an example for your husband by serving others.

38. Respond to the temporal and spiritual needs of others.

39. Avoid criticism.

40. Be modest, and humble, and counsel with your husband before making final decisions on important matters.

What A Husband Might Do

1. Love the Lord and let your wife know it.

2. Love your wife and let her know it often.

3. Extend to her all the courtesies you did while you were courting her.

4. Tell her she is attractive to you.

5. Continue to date her frequently.

6. Surprise her with little things, like flowers.

7. Be man enough to change the baby’s diapers.

8. Bathe the children occasionally.

9. Keep the children busy while your wife prepares dinner.

10. Help with the heavy cleaning (waxing the floors, washing walls, etc.).

11. Surprise your wife occasionally and fix breakfast.

12. Help her rotate the food supply.

13. Help prepare dinner on Primary days.

14. Do little chores around the house willingly.

15. Be sure the household appliances are working properly.

16. Go shopping with your wife (she probably trusts your opinion; after all, you chose her, didn’t you?).

17. Allow her time to prepare her lessons for Primary, Relief Society, Sunday School, or MIA.

18. Allow her time with her friends.

19. Have patience when she cannot understand why you may be gone so often.

20. Listen to her ideas and discuss her interests and questions.

21. Plan a vacation together—both of you, alone.

22. Plan the future with her.

23. Trust her judgment.

24. Avoid criticism.

25. Encourage her in her church work.

26. Help her find time and privacy for herself.

27. Openly express pride in her for what she does for you and others.

28. Let your children know of your love for each other.

29. Support your wife’s decisions concerning child rearing.

30. Help your children with their church assignments.

31. Plan the family home evenings with your wife.

32. Include her in as many church assignments as possible.

33. Remember her spiritual needs and give her a blessing when desirable.

34. Show appreciation for her patriarchal blessing.

35. Bear your testimony to her and your children.

36. Live a life worthy of her pride in you.

37. Attend the temple with her as often as you can.

38. Be a blessing and a source of spiritual power for her and your children.

39. Express love to your children so they do not get discouraged.

40. Be a wise patriarch and a guiding light to your family.

  • Brother and Sister Britsch are active members of the Orem (Utah) 31st Ward Sharon East Stake, and parents of four children, ages three to nine.