The Prophet’s Word
March 1973

“The Prophet’s Word,” Ensign, Mar. 1973, inside back cover

The Prophet’s Word

A Poem for President Harold B. Lee

On March 28 President Harold B. Lee, eleventh prophet, seer, and revelator and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will observe his seventy-fourth birthday anniversary. With this poetic tribute, the Ensign joins with members of the Church everywhere in extending to him our love and best wishes.

The Prophet speaks!

What shall he say to this generation?

For this last day, what is his word?

Joseph received the Word

And set the kingdom in eternity.

Other prophets built in a desert waste,

then took the Word to all the world.

Here is another prophet of the Lord.

A young boy in a field heard, “Don’t …”

and heeded the Word. The Word is his life.

Teaching in country schools in Idaho,

tracting in the high Rockies,

sitting in city councils,

reasoning together with the brethren—

the Word has steadied him.

Here is one

who has lived intimately with his fellowmen,

who has measured the infinite dignity of each heart,

who has borne the struggle of the human soul,

who has known loyalty, friend to friend.

He says one word, as Jesus did:

“Love. Love one another.”

Here is a man of compassion.

He has heard the cry of the needy,

has visited the sorrowing and the suffering.

His heart beats with the pulse of the people.

He offers the promise and hope of a plan that says

“Share. Help one another.”

Here stands a witness to the Son of God,

holding the holy priesthood,

praising its power.

What can this prophet say

to stem a rising apathy,

to quicken faith,

or turn a heart to truth?

What is his word?

To all mankind, he says:

“Keep the commandments. Keep the commandments.”