On Making Appointments with Our God
November 1972

“On Making Appointments with Our God,” Ensign, Nov. 1972, 37

On Making Appointments with Our God

Our soul is the combination of a divine spirit and a human body—both of which need their special kind of nourishment. The mortal body needs sustenance several times daily, and the spirit also needs frequent spiritual food.

There is no better way to revitalize our soul (spirit and body), our very inner self, than through frequent regular periods of contemplation and meditation. It is through regular periods of private reflection on what we have read, experienced, prayed about, or studied that all of life’s experiences are digested as food for the soul.

A good practice is to daily withdraw from our busy routine to renew our covenants with our Maker; to give our mind and spirit a chance to commune with God; to reflect on the intricate glories of nature; to realize who we really are; and to reflect on our own divine origin and goal.

Our soul is fed properly only if we set the habit of doing this on a regular basis. Hence, we need to take that spiritual break regularly each day.

To find a place for this daily appointment with ourself, a comfortable, secluded spot is essential. Our home could be that sanctuary, that retreat from all turmoil, or it could be a nearby park, or another room nearby. Some persons find solitude by going into the woods to pray. Certainly, we all desire total privacy. But we need to find a place to which we can turn on a regular basis.

To find the time is the next important matter. It may be necessary to get up earlier than we usually do, or to take some time immediately after work when we are not available to anyone else but ourself.

Interestingly, several of the so-called major religions of the world seem to agree that sunup and sunset are ideal times to commune with God. It seems that the glories of nature are in their splendor and nearer to us at those times. It is important not only to set a regular place, but a regular time also.

The one persistent craving of all humanity is for bread—spiritual and material. But it is still up to the individual to seek his own salvation.

What are your plans for making regular appointments with yourself and God? One thing I can tell you from a long life of experience: if we will feed our soul, everything else will take care of itself.