October 1972

“Conversion,” Ensign, Oct. 1972, inside front cover


The knowing

wasn’t in my mind

at first.

The thirst,

a yearning for the truth

and light,

seemed a birthright.

The need that stretched out

from my heart

and soul

had been with me


so it seemed.

My mind schemed

to find somewhere a

crystal understanding

to satisfy

the thirst.


I was

in smooth and prettied


and elegant elixirs

poured into

my being.

Yet I was parched,

my mind miraged

by words

of men.

And then

the quenching came.

My mind grown cautious

with considerings

perceived the gospel truths

to be too simple

for soothings.


to look elsewhere

for a freshening,

my intellect would have had

me turn away

at the start.

But my heart

already had imbibed

exciting essence,

crystal clear.

And so I stayed and drank

and found

no dregs.

The quenching was complete

as earthlife

can allow.

And now

my mind knows too

that I

will never thirst