Hospital Services Consolidated

“Hospital Services Consolidated,” Ensign, Aug. 1972, 96

Hospital Services Consolidated

Operation of the fourteen Church hospitals has been consolidated into “a single cohesive and smoothly functioning unit,” according to Presiding Bishop Victor L. Brown.

The Health Services Corporation has also announced the appointment of three administrative assistants, in a move to strengthen the hospital system. Kenneth E. Knapp, former administrator of the McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah, has been appointed associate commissioner of health services. Douglas Carpenter, who was assistant coordinator of the Intermountain Regional Medical Program, has been named assistant commissioner in charge of program development, while Derek Harland, former coordinator of the Health Services Corporation personnel office, is now assistant commissioner for personnel.

The new appointees will assist Dr. James O. Mason, commissioner, and the executive staff of the corporation in administering the health program of the Church throughout the world.