May 1972

“Contents,” Ensign, May 1972, 1


May 1972

Volume 2 Number 5

Guest Editor: The name of Daniel H. Ludlow is well known to many Latter-day Saints because of his years of service at Brigham Young University. There he served as chairman of the Department of Bible and Modern Scripture, director of the Institute of Mormon Studies, director of the Institute of Book of Mormon projects, and dean of the College of Religious Instruction. He also directed BYU’s first Jerusalem Semester Program and its first Faculty Study Tour of the Lands of the Scriptures. In addition, he has done post-doctoral work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Consequently, the Ensign turned to him when decisions were being made to publish an issue on the Holy Land. He accepted the challenge of guest editor and energetically directed the formation of this present issue. Presently, Dr. Ludlow is director of instructional materials in the Church’s Department of Internal Communications, where he guides the production of the many manuals and other instructional materials used throughout the Church.

On the cover: Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives is the large scene on this month’s cover, taken by Doyle L. Green. The four smaller photographs are by Laurel G. Cole: old Jewish man, young Jewish girl, the Mount of Beatitudes—a traditional site for the Sermon on the Mount, and Jews praying at the Wailing Wall.

Inside front cover: Traditional Mary’s Well in Nazareth [top]; Jericho and royal poinciana (flamboyant) tree in blossom [bottom]. (Photos by Doyle L. Green.)

Inside back cover: Jerash, city of the Decapolis [top]; River Jordan near the Dead Sea [bottom]. (Photos by Doyle L. Green.)