Woman, Family, Home
February 1972

“Woman, Family, Home,” Ensign, Feb. 1972, 47

Woman, Family, Home

On the pages that follow are articles based on four talks given by General Authorities at the Relief Society general conference. Because of the deep import and significance of the messages, they are being printed here as a unit for the interest, guidance, blessing, and development of the women of the Church. Ofttimes, even though subjects are not assigned, there emerges a definite theme from our conferences. These talks by President Harold B. Lee, first counselor in the First Presidency and president of the Council of the Twelve, and Elders Mark E. Petersen, Marion G. Romney, and Boyd K. Packer of the Council of the Twelve all deal with the subject of women and family and the home.

Among those who posed for photographs for this section are Mr. and Mrs. Bernell W. Berrett and Kim, Todd, Mark, Becky, and Kenton; Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Boyden; Mrs. Frank Brown; Mrs. F. Wayne Chamberlain; Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Clark and Desiree, Murray, Laurelle, Jasmin, Amberlee, and Clarisee; Mrs. Duane Crowther and Don, Scott, Lisa, David, and Billy; Mrs. Lawrence E. Cummins; Mrs. Don Earl; Mrs. Stephen R. Eldredge and Allison; Mrs. Royden J. Glade and Jennifer; Mrs. Duane Hunsaker and Mark, Shauna, Derek, and Julie; Mrs. J. Blair Jones and Jay, Teri, Trudi, Jed, Todd, Toni, Ted, and Tim; Karen and Kimberly Langford; Mrs. Maude Lowe; Mrs. Jerry B. Madsen and Cindy, Lance, and Hollie; Mrs. William R. McConkie and Melanie, Marcinelle, and Robert; Mr. and Mrs. D. Richard McFerson and Susan, Donna, and Kellie; Mrs. Gilbert Nelson and Tamara; Mrs. Jack Schoenhals; Mrs. Monroe Tyler and Bruce, Becky, Magen; Mrs. William C. Vriens, Jr., and Taylor, Heather, and Allison; and members of the Monument Park 12th Ward Relief Society.