Programs and Policies Newsletter
November 1971

“Programs and Policies Newsletter,” Ensign, Nov. 1971, 77

Programs and Policies Newsletter

Aids for Genealogy. A nine-page list including titles of official publications on the genealogy programs of the Church—pamphlets, filmstrips, movies, research papers, addresses for aids in research, and an annotated index of pertinent articles appearing in the Instructor and the Improvement Era from 1961–70 (issues that should be in the meetinghouse libraries)—is available upon request and at no charge from the Genealogical Society, 107 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

Junior Sunday School Teachers. While there is no prescribed age limit for Junior Sunday School teachers, it is Sunday School policy that teenagers continue gospel study in their own Sunday School classes. Maturity should be one of the prime qualities in a teacher for young children. In addition to telling stories and following the outlined lesson material, the teacher should be imaginative and sensitive to the physical, social, and spiritual needs of the children and discover ways to satisfy those needs.

Restoration of Blessings. Excommunicated persons who have had their temple endowments and who are readmitted into the Church by baptism and confirmation must receive a restoration of their blessings by a member of the First Presidency or by a member of the Council of the Twelve as authorized by the President of the Church. Members in such instances are to be considered as still on probation until former blessings are restored. Restoration of blessings pertains only to the temple blessings and Melchizedek Priesthood offices of endowed persons. Pending receipt of this ordinance, the reaccepted person may partake of the sacrament and pay tithes and offerings, but he is not entitled to speak or pray in meetings or to hold offices or teaching positions in Church organizations.