Elevate Learning

Principles and Desired Outcomes
Girl in class

Establish expectations and provide opportunities that inspire students to have meaningful experiences with the word of God.


  • A sense of purpose shared by teacher and student can increase faith and give direction and meaning to the classroom experience.
  • Power is increased in the classroom when teachers and students understand that the purpose of class is to come to know Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Teaching and administering like the Savior leads to conversion. Note: All principles associated with the See the One priority will assist to strengthen Elevate Learning requirements in ways that deepen conversion (see D&C 46:15).

Desired Outcomes

  • There is an increase of power and sense of purpose in the classroom because teachers are motivated and governed by a burning desire to fulfill the Objective of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (see Gospel Teaching and Learning, x).
  • Attendance requirements, reading assignments, seminary learning assessments, and institute Elevate Learning experiences are always used as opportunities to deepen conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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