The Purpose of Institute

What Is Institute?

Depending on whom you ask, the answers to this question will vary widely. Many people, including some potential institute students, are not aware of the purpose of institute and the benefits that it can provide to young single adults ages 18 to 30. When young adults actively participate in institute, they increase their commitment to the Savior as they have spiritual experiences focused in the scriptures. Institute provides an opportunity to find relevant answers to life’s questions while learning from and sharing with others who are in similar circumstances.

Who Can Attend?

Once a youth turns 18 and has finished high school or the equivalent, he or she is eligible to attend institute. Some will attend local stake institute programs, while others will attend campus institute programs near where they are attending college or living. Anyone ages 18 to 30 is invited to attend, with an emphasis on young single adults who have not graduated from institute or a Church college or university (BYU, BYU–Idaho, BYU–Hawaii, and the LDS Business College). Those who have previously graduated from one of these programs are invited to attend as it meets their needs.

Why Graduate from Institute?

By actively participating in and graduating from institute, young adults will strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ, increase their scripture study skills, learn from others and through the Spirit, and be better prepared for their futures. Graduation is now a central part of the institute experience and is seen as an important part of the spiritual foundation that many students began building with seminary. After graduation from institute, students are still welcome to attend as it meets their needs.

How Do You Get Started?

Finding an institute class is easy. If you know where an institute building is, just stop by and the office staff there will help you enroll. Or you can use the Institute Class Locator (ICL) to pick a class that fits your needs and schedule. You can also get more information from your bishop or branch president about the nearest institute program.

Once you start, you will soon see the good things that institute has to offer.