Institute News

    Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder Kim B. Clark, and Chad H

    2019 S&I Annual Training Broadcast

    Elder Holland, Sister Cordon, Elder Clark, and Brother Webb will speak June 12, 2019

    Using Divinely Appointed Sources

    Heavenly Father has given us divinely appointed sources to help us improve our understanding.

    President Russell M. Nelson

    A Personal Invitation to Participate in Seminary and Institute

    President Russell M. Nelson shares a message to youth and young adults

    coast line

    A Dented Boat and Strengthened Faith

    Did you miss the worldwide devotional with Elder and Sister Renlund?

    Elder and Sister Renlund

    Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults with Elder and Sister Renlund

    The January 2019 Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults sets the tone for new institute classes and Church history experiences.

    I Remember the Gifts of God

    God has a way of personalizing His gifts to His children. They are exactly what we need, when we need them.


    Gratitude Beyond Our Own Blessings

    We can rejoice with others as they receive blessings.

    Man and girl

    Grateful for Our Lot

    It is often within the diversity of our circumstances, even the difficult ones, that we recognize the loving hand of our Father in Heaven most clearly.

    Jesus Christ

    #LightTheWorld in Institute

    Join thousands of people around the world by spreading the Light of Christ through different acts of service each week.

    Did You Miss the Worldwide Devotional: A Face to Face with Elder Cook?

    Elder Quentin L. Cook, Matt Grow, and Kate Holbrook discussed Church history questions from young adults around the world.