Frequently Asked Questions—Institute

students in class

What is institute?

The institutes of religion program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides religious education for young adults ages 18 to 30. With a worldwide enrollment of more than 350,000 students in almost 2,700 locations, there is an institute of religion near you. Institute provides an opportunity for students to strengthen their commitment to Jesus Christ and conduct a comprehensive study of the scriptures and words of modern-day prophets. Institute students may find guidance and direction from the Holy Ghost. This guidance can help them make important life decisions as students learn together and strengthen one another.

Who can attend?

All young adults ages 18 to 30 are encouraged to attend and graduate from institute. Young adults who have already graduated are welcome to continue to attend as it meets their situation and needs. Adult religion classes are available for those over 30.

How do I participate/register?

There are a few simple ways to locate the institute program nearest you:

  • Just walk into an institute building. A friendly face or two will welcome you and tell you about the classes being taught and the activities that are planned.

  • Click here to find a list of classes near you. Click on any class to view information about it as well as that institute program’s website. Click “Register Now” to register for a class online. After logging in with your LDS Account, you’ll see a list of classes and be able to register for the one that interests you.

  • Ask your local priesthood leaders—they can help you find a local institute program or class.

Is institute only on campus?

Although many institute buildings are adjacent to college campuses, in some areas institute classes are taught in campus classrooms, ward buildings, homes, or office buildings.

How do I transfer credits to other Church schools?

Many institute of religion classes will transfer to Church schools and fulfill religion requirements toward graduation. Click here for more details about individual school policies for transferring religion credit.

What recognition is available for participation in institute?

Click here to read about institute graduation and recognition.

What is the ecclesiastical endorsement?

All students who meet the minimum attendance requirement will be recognized for attending institute classes. Institute personnel verify that the student has completed all course requirements. The bishop or one of his counselors endorses the student’s worthiness, confirming that he or she is worthy and committed to living standards for young adults.

The ecclesiastical endorsement is completed before institute graduation. The bishop or one of his counselors may complete these endorsements as part of regularly scheduled interviews. These interviews should be conducted early enough to allow students time to work with the bishop to resolve any issues.

Those not of our faith may also be cleared for worthiness by the bishops of the wards in which they live or by the clergy of their own faith.

What is WISE, and how do teachers access it?

The Worldwide Institute and Seminary Enrollment system (WISE) is a web-based enrollment software for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (S&I). WISE can be used by teachers, support specialists, and administrators to set up classes, enroll students, track attendance, process graduation, and do many other tasks. Click here to log in to WISE.

What are the employment opportunities with LDS Institute?

Seminaries and Institutes of Religion provides religious education for youth and young adults ages 14 to 30. Called teachers and full-time employees work together to teach and administer these great educational programs. Due to various needs and circumstances, S&I employs some men and women as full-time religious educators. Please visit the seminary careers web page for additional information about how to prepare and apply for a career with S&I.