Church Service Missionaries


Service missions provide meaningful experiences that will help bring souls closer to Christ. Service missions bless the missionaries, their families, the Church, and the organizations where they serve. Each service mission is uniquely designed to match the abilities of the individual and to help build the kingdom of God on the earth.

Welcome to Service Missions

Service Missions Family Orientation | Elder W. Mark Bassett
Service missionaries are called to serve the Lord in a consecrated way that doesn’t involve traditional teaching but does include full dedication of their time, effort, and devotion. Faithfully serving such a mission can bring every blessing of a
Service Missions: Teaching by Example

Resource Materials

The following materials may be used by leaders in creating more awareness within their units.

A short animated video to help priesthood leaders, parents and candidates understand the recently changed service missionary application process.
Service Missionary Application Overview

Common Questions

Church Service Missionaries

In Summary

Service missions complement teaching missions by allowing others to experience God’s love through receiving Christlike service. Now more than ever, young women and men who have a desire to serve will be given the opportunity to further the work of the Lord as a missionary. This will be a great blessing to the missionaries, to their families, and to those they serve.

More questions? Leaders may always contact their local service mission leader couples or call 1-801-240-4914.