Share Family Stories

Sharing a family memory or story can naturally lead to conversations about family history and beliefs about family.

The Power of Family Stories

Starting the Conversation

Family stories give us a sense of who we are and connect us to our heritage. They’re a reminder that we are all children of our Heavenly Father. As you talk about family or help friends discover their own, you can help them open their hearts to the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Sharing family stories and listening to one another also helps create understanding, empathy, and trust. Relationships are strengthened when we share what makes us who we are.

You can have these kinds of experiences by sharing an interesting story about an ancestor or asking a friend questions such as, “What traits did you inherit from your grandparents?”, “What are some of your family traditions?” or “What do you admire about family members who have had a positive impact on your life?”

Family History Resources to Share

More Ways Family Stories Start Gospel Conversations

Family stories aren’t just a good way to talk about family history work. Here are a few other examples of how talking about family can be a natural way for you to share the gospel.


  1. A sweet or funny memory about Home Evening
  2. A family tradition
  3. Memories of a family member who passed away
  4. How proud you are of a family member for an accomplishment such as Seminary graduation
  5. Family photos from a baptism or wedding

    ...can lead to a discussion about

    1. What Home Evening is and why you value family time so much
    2. How that tradition is rooted in a gospel principle such as keeping the Sabbath day holy
    3. Your belief that families can be together forever
    4. How Church experiences have helped strengthen your family
    5. The blessings of baptism or the temple
    Sharing Family Connections

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