Inviting Friends to the FamilySearch Libraries and Classes

As interest in family history becomes increasingly popular, you can share free, easy-to-access resources with your friends.

Valuing family history is something that we as members of the Church share with many cultures around the world. People want to know where they come from. You can help your friends and family find a greater sense of identity and purpose by helping them discover their history.

If you don’t have much experience with family history yourself, that’s okay. There are family history consultants in your ward who can answer your questions ahead of time or assist you and a friend in the FamilySearch library.

Here are a few ways you can invite your friends to do family history with you:

Bring them to the nearest FamilySearch library

Help them create an account on

Help them download the Family Tree app

Share a fun and interactive online activity

Invite them to RootsTech

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