Caring for Those in Need in the Middle East in 2023

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In 2023, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints collaborated with multiple international relief agencies in Gaza and Israel to provide financial resources for critical medical and mental health care, among other needs. In addition, the Church worked to address the variety of needs throughout the Middle East, including healthcare, employment, and aid for vulnerable populations.

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Emergency relief projects

In addition, 53 projects aiding women and children and 25 healthcare projects were implemented in the Middle East in 2023.


In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the Church continued to support the Nursing Midwifery and Development Center. This ambitious joint initiative with local government and community organizations aims to enhance newborn and maternal healthcare in the region by providing training and support for nurses and midwives. This project highlights the crucial role that women play in strengthening their communities.


In 2023, the Church continued its work to support employment efforts in the Middle East. For example, the Church worked with the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) to address the high unemployment rate in Jordan. Through this collaboration, the Church funded vocational training programs that helped Jordanian citizens, as well as many Syrian nationals in the country, to learn a trade and gain employment.

Aid for Vulnerable Populations

Church humanitarian aid in Morocco is making a significant impact on segments of the population often overlooked by society. Among other efforts in 2023, the Church provided outdoor activity spaces and dormitories for the Passerelle Autistic Center. This center teaches youth with autism basic skills to help them become more self-sufficient, as well as specialized skills in farming, sports, music, and the arts. These efforts increase the employability of and enhance the quality of life for the center’s young residents.

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Flood Recovery in Pakistan

When floods approached Ghulam’s village in Pakistan, she and her husband found it difficult to save anything from their home. Her pregnancy and his disability also prevented them from saving their livestock, which was their only means of income.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worked with ShelterBox USA and Islamic Relief to provide cash grants to Ghulam and other families affected by the floods. With this grant, Ghulam is starting down the road to recovery, buying food, clothing, and goats to restart their family business.

What Can I Do?

    • Donate baby blankets to your local hospital.
    • Teach children in your community about hygiene and sanitation.
    • Volunteer at a resettlement center that supports individuals seeking refuge in your community.

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