Healthcare and Mobility Efforts in 2023

During Christ’s mortal ministry, He took special care to minister to those with physical disabilities, infirmities, and ailments. The Church of Jesus Christ continues this mission today through its healthcare and mobility work around the world.

Unicef Immunization

Photo courtesy of UNICEF USA.

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Wheelchairs donated

There were also 29 vision projects and 73 maternal and newborn care projects in 2023.


The Church actively participates in global vaccination efforts. One example is a Church-supported effort to enhance vaccination initiatives in Zambia.

This initiative, undertaken with the local ministry of health and UNICEF USA, has made it easier for individuals to access measles and polio immunizations, which has reduced the number of outbreaks in the area.

Church funding also supported UNICEF’s efforts to train vaccinators in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as a Ministry of Health campaign in Peru to immunize children against polio and measles.

Construction, Expansion, and Refurbishment of Facilities

Upgraded medical facilities allow doctors and nurses to provide better care, which improves the state of public health generally. Among other efforts in 2023, the Church donated biomedical tools to a hospital in the Republic of Palau and provided funding and medical supplies to help renovate a hospital in the Bryansk region in Russia.

The Church also funded the completion of a new rural health clinic in Zimbabwe and donated beds and other basic medical equipment. As part of this project the Church helped refurbish housing for clinic staff, provide solar power to the facilities, and drill a well to serve as a water source.


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Vision Care

Vision care was a continuing humanitarian priority in 2023. The Church helped to fund projects throughout the world to treat cataracts and improve access to vision care services. In Mozambique, for example, the Church offered eye examinations and medical treatment to many individuals from remote, rural communities.

In addition to other projects in 2023, the Church donated 500 intraocular lenses to be used in cataract surgeries in Malaysia, thousands of pairs of eyeglasses in Peru, and an auto refractor keratometer to improve vision screenings in Chiapas, Mexico.

Providing Wheelchairs in Honduras

Thanks to a donation from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, hundreds of adults and children with mobility issues in San Pedro Sula received wheelchairs and postural support devices. As a result, they now enjoy greater independence and dignity.

This donation was just one of several made by the Church in 2023, impacting thousands of individuals around the globe.

What Can I Do?

  • Donate unused crutches and other mobility aids to your local hospital.
  • Learn about the importance of vaccines; share what you know with your friends and neighbors.
  • Volunteer to facilitate local vision screenings and other health events.

    Get Involved through JustServe

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