February Inspiration and News


More Than a Book—a Chance to Be Like Him

Don’t simply read the New Testament for Sunday School this year—live in it. Walk the streets of Galilee with the Savior, sit at His feet, and learn how He lived and loved during His ministry. His life will inspire yours. Watch how.


What It Really Takes Is Real Intent

The secrets to a happy, purposeful life aren’t such big secrets—in fact, they’re the small and simple things you already know about. You simply have to do them daily with real intent to see real benefits. Start today; try these three tips to stay focused on the stuff that really matters.


Hope Lives at the Temple

When life dishes out misfortune, fortunately there are temples. Cari was 14 weeks pregnant when doctors found complications, and she found hope in temple promises. Like Cari, you can be “astonished at the peace” temples bring. Read her story.

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