The Call to Gather Israel

The prophet has invited our youth to serve, and we can help.

Hope of Israel, Worldwide Devotional for Youth (1:01:31)
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President Russell M. Nelson declared, “Anytime you do anything that helps anyone—on either side of the veil—take a step toward making covenants with God and receiving their essential baptismal and temple ordinances, you are helping to gather Israel. It is as simple as that” (Russell M. Nelson, “Hope of Israel,” worldwide devotional for youth, June 3, 2018,

This invitation from our prophet should guide us in our work in Young Women. How can we follow the prophet and support our young women? How can we help them prepare for and engage in the important work they are asked to do?

Prepare to serve

  1. Hold a seven-day fast from social media.
  2. For three weeks in a row, make a weekly sacrifice of time to the Lord.
  3. Keep on the covenant path.
  4. Pray daily that all of God’s children might receive the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. Stand out and be different from the world. Be a light.

Engage in the Work

  • Participate in family history work.
  • Do baptisms for the dead.
  • Share the gospel and your standards.
  • Prepare to make covenants in the temple.
  • Faithfully support friends and family who are struggling.
  • Serve and help others who are striving to do temple and family history work.

Before the prophet issued the invitation to gather Israel, he began with some vital, foundational instruction: “Learn for yourself—right now at your age—how to receive personal revelation. And nothing will make a bigger difference in your life than that!” (“Hope of Israel,”

As Young Women leaders and class presidencies, we can teach lessons and plan activities that focus on gathering Israel. We can also invite and encourage each young woman to seek direction from the Holy Ghost about what the Lord would have her do. As we seek and act on personal revelation, we grow to trust ourselves and trust that our Father in Heaven knows us, loves us, and has a work for us do.

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