Meridian Idaho Temple

Ordering and Wearing Military Garments

If Church members have received the temple endowment, they should wear the temple garment whenever possible, taking care to avoid exposing the garment to those who do not understand its significance. If Church members cannot wear the garment because of military regulations or other circumstances beyond their control, their status in the Church is not affected, provided that they remain worthy. As soon as circumstances permit, it is their privilege, right, and duty to wear the garment again. (Additional information is available in General Handbook 38.9,

Church members should consult with their individual branch of service to determine the color, type of fabric, and neckline style that are required for undergarments worn with their military uniform. It is not cost effective for Beehive Clothing to maintain an inventory of all styles and colors of garments worn by endowed military members. Currently, the only colored garment available online or at the distribution centers is the coyote tan 499 colored garment.

If members require a different color undergarment than the coyote tan, they should purchase t-shirts in the authorized color, fabric, and style from military clothing stores and send them to Beehive Clothing to be marked. The instructions and mailing address are available on the Garment Marking Order Form. Marks will be screen printed by Beehive Clothing on the inside of the designated undergarments, which are then authorized to be worn with the required uniform.

If members have questions about ordering garments, they should contact Beehive Clothing at 801-240-4154. If members have additional questions about wearing the garment or if priesthood leaders need further information or additional resources, they should contact the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division at 801-240-2286 or