The way that this welfare system that we have in the Church works is through the fast offerings from the members of the Church. We abstain from eating two meals a month, and we contribute the money we would have spent on that food to a fund which the bishops use to provide for those that are in need. It's an offering of love. Are you willing to go hungry for a meal so that someone else can eat? I think most people are willing to do that. On an individual basis, it doesn't seem like much, but if you have a million people do that, it's very powerful. The Foote family came to me and explained their situation. And as we went through the details of their finances and found out their needs, I was anxious to be able to help. I love Bishop Hyme. He is amazing. I know that he has been called of God. My wife and I would go and counsel with him, and when we didn't feel great about ourselves because of the situation that we were in, we would feel that he was pouring love to us, that he'd spiritually lift us. He treated me, I think, just as well as I think the Savior would have. The Savior taught us to lift up the feeble knees, to help those that are in need, to watch over each other and watch out for each other. And so this is fulfilling the mission that He gave to each of us. It has been evident to me and my wife and my family that the welfare system that we have in the Church is so inspired and has helped my family and will continue to help others. It is there to give comfort and to give assurance that the Lord is there and mindful of us.

Fast Offerings - The Jerry Foote Family

A short clip from the Jerry Foote Family video showing the benefits of the fast offering and how it can help those who are in need.

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